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Cailin Butler

From a young age, Cailin knew she wanted to work with art and digital imaging. At fifteen, she picked up a camera after drawing for years, and found her self loving a new media. Since then she has dabbled in multimedia projects and exploring her style in photography as a whole. By the time she was in college, her specialty had surfaced in black and white portraiture. Since then, Cailin has worked with portraiture as a staple for eight years. Not long into the eight years, she created CB Photo and most recently has branched and grown into CB Photo & Design.  

Cailin's goal is to make sure every client walks away with the photos the loved, the designs they imagined and the happiness you should feel when your memories are preserved forever.  


A Little More 

On CB Photo..

Cailin grew up in Oakland California and started CB Photo while working with business clients and events style photos. Six years ago, she moved her business to beautiful San Diego California! Her clients changed but her love for working with people didn't. She always put the same effort and love into every photo as she always did. Once settled in, Cailin ventured to learn more and started at Mira Costa College for certificates. 


 CB Photo has won a few awards through schooling at Mira Costa College and has been featured on Mike's BBQ website and digital menus. We also have many of our prints featured in homes across the country. Cailin has not only learned on the go but has also received a Certificate of Achievement in Digital Photography and Digital Media through Mira Costa College.


Take a look at some stunning photographs of our past clients. See if you are interested in getting some for yourself!


Want to get some new décor for your home or maybe a present? You are heading to the right spot!

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