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Ever wonder why some older generations just don't understand why you'd handle something in such a way or why it mattered so much about what happened in an online forum? Well, you might not be the only one. When it comes down to communication, each generation and each person will have their own way of doing it. Since the techno world has advanced, we have seen drastic changes in the interpersonal world of communication. More and more young people are having a hard time understanding proper communication skills. A perfect example is understanding the proper ways of handing things with customers or co-workers at a job. More people are seeing that the younger generation disregards certain areas of interpersonal skills that the older generation, even only by a couple years have. 

Why is this? A lot of it has to do with the fact most of the people starting the work force in 2020s will have ONLY grown up with the internet and smart phones. They have had a whole online world of interaction. Meanwhile, older generations still remember when they had to handle things face to face and hands on. It doesn't mean the younger generations wont ever experience these lessons, but they are learning them later. This does beg the question if that will ever be needed. Now that we are in an age when everything outside of working retail can be done remote, will everyone need to learn the communication skills? 

We also much touch on the fact, that most of us are use to texting and messaging instead of actually speaking on the phones anymore. I have noticed in my own line of work, a lot of people in my own age group don't feel confident on the phone with customers. Is this because they are phone shy, or because they find it easier to interact with people through worded communication? 

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