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Cyber culture is now a REAL thing that we have to consider. We have vlogs everywhere, people who literally make money from just posting a photo. The realty TV shows to the YouTube shows we have, really have become a culture. I remember in high school when people really thought you didn't do anything if you didn't post on Facebook. It was a weird thing to not do. These days I barely post on Facebook and people STILL think I just don't go out and do anything. Until I post a picture and are amazed! 

We also must consider online gaming. We have whole Esport Competitions that go on for DAYS. These people have their own language and just like the Instagramers/YouTube Streamers, they have their own audience that adapts to what that area of the culture is doing. I have friends that get so in depth with the works of what is hip and going in these online trends that they literally will change parts of their hair and clothing to fit in. It's not a bad thing, but it is a following and a culture. You could also argue that the cyber culture is also within music. Electronic music is only around because of the technological advances we've had over the last twenty plus years. That is another area of cyber culture that has gained it's own following as well. 


We should recognize that cyber culture is really becoming more than what we thought it'd be. At the end of the day that most of our lives is online and that is a part of our culture now. We have people deep in cyber world like the streamers, Instagramers and even Realty TV personalities, but we can step away from it a bit and keep other cultures alive. We don't have to just have a cyber growth. 

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