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A Day In Tokyo, Japan

Updated: May 17, 2021

A couple years ago, 2019 to be exact, I went to Tokyo, Japan. None of the photos used above are mine, they are actually my partners. I wanted to use photos that he took over the course of the 10 days of us being there and make it so it was like we were only there for a day. My reasoning for this storyline was because we've been really missing Japan recently and I had been looking at prints from my photos and thought, "hmm, why not create a new story?". So that is what I did! There are a few photographs used in this story that are right after each other or were on the same day, but mostly they are all spread out from our first day to our last day.

Something that you may wonder is the time that went into this. Let's just say going through 100's of photos that aren't yours, so you don't even know if there is a specific one you want, takes some time! I enjoyed going through them though. When you start looking through different photos and you realize that you didn't even know a picture was taken in that moment, its great. Putting together to order of the photographs was also interesting. I actually had a few different versions to this but this one I felt told the story the best. Then you have to see how long each second should be and if you want it as a slide show or a traditional GIF. It was great enjoying the different ways of doing this and moving around photos.

The biggest thing that should be considered from this story and the use of images is that images that are all taken within the same town, doesn't mean it was meant to be taken together and be part of the same story. For example, the picture that is black and white with the train and the people is put near the end to show leaving, night time and going home. It was actually a photo from a morning rush! We must always remember that the how pictures are organized and positioned will change how we perceive them.

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