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Visual Blooper – Prada Not Reinvented

When you hear high fashion, what is it that you think of? Maybe you think of fancy clothes, runways and mostly clothing items that you couldn’t imagine wearing. Especially these days! I have found that these are not the only things a lot of people think of. They are also associated with being too fat, not having the right “look”, I could never fit into something like that and look good, etc. Last time I took you in to see how we examine our bodies from ads in the fashion industry and this time I wanted to create something that would make us see it even more for who it really is.

There were many options I could have gone with. I thought about going the route with the sweat shops and child labor considering that is another downside to the fashion industry. Alas, I ended up looking deep into Prada. They are known for their futuristic and time moving designs. The unique looks and overpriced purses. Yet, something that is becoming more apparent is their ideal body types. They have been known for decades of having some of the most on top models. All of which are gorgeous woman, but they all have something in common. Their size. They are all below a size 4. Which in the world of girl, is limited to say the least! For example, I and most other woman in America, fit between a 6 -12. Yes, 6 and 12. It is a huge jump compared to a 0-4. On some good days and depending on the brand I can slip into a size 4 with holding my breath the rest of the day.

Through some of my research I found throughout the fashion industry, and model agencies as whole, don’t look towards having larger sizes. This does of course depend on who the agency is working with as well, but many agencies have a size requirement chart. It’s basically liked a glorified syllabus for what a girl's waist should be and how buff a guy should be. These kinds of things are the reason why I wanted to show how sizing hasn’t changed. Prada seemed like a good choice because of their 2018 fashion show.

In 2018, Prada had a fashion show that was for plus size clothing and models. Let's just say, the press had a field day and showed up scratching their heads at what Prada thought plus size was! Their idea of plus size seemed to be around the rage of a size 4 or 6. This is not even close to what is considered plus size in everyday society. For younger generations to see this being plus size is why we end up with many young girls and boys with body dysmorphia. From personal experience, I still have a hard time believing I am not longer extremely heavy because I still don’t fit into those smaller jeans that I see some friend's wear.

We say our world is being more and more inclusive, but I beg you to really think about that. Yes, we have made strides of change in recent years. I remember the LGBTQ+ was just GSA. I also remember it being even harder to feel accepted for who I am and my weight overall. But. What about the overall industry? Has anything changed? Yes, they have the will to choose who they want in their cloths, but should they push that onto everyone as they do? I think we have learned over the years that beauty comes in many shapes, colors and backgrounds. So why must we have an industry still try to create walls for that beauty?

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