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We've all heard that "big brother" is watching us right? Well, the fact is a lot of what we do is tracked. But we will dive more into that as we go into data later. We watch and play on our devices day in and day out, but our privacy is not what we always think it is. A lot of the times, the people we are sharing information with isn't who they say they are, the servers we are on aren't as private as they claim and at the end of the day, a lot of computers are hackable on many networks! I remember watching how to catch a predator when I was a kid and that was when messenger had just started to be popular. Now we have TV shows like Catfish on MTV that literally is making a living at people tricking others on the internet into love and our of money in some situations. Yes, the show is meant to give us perspective so others don't make the same mistakes, but it still got to a point where people are making money from this. 

We now have to think about how far that privacy goes within our technology. So many people wonder if we actually have privacy from our webcams and for the most part we do. Luckily our firewalls over the years have gotten better and harder for people to hack. None of this means that it isn't possible though. Our public life was once our private life. That is just how our world has changed within the techno world. Our lives are lived ONLINE. You'd think you'd still have privacy there. Some places we might with different browsers, but everything we click is minded, sold and the advertised to us in some form. The image above is really to showcase the idea of being watched while just relaxing with TV and the digital world ruling our lives. With how public our online lives are, we really have no PRIVACY. 

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