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Our lives have been put on a public blast since myspace days. I was only in middle school and early middle at that when myspace was having it's hay day. With that being said, it changed how we share our lives with others. We have heard of the factors of our data being sold and used to advertise to us and it is how a lot of company stay open and going. The photo above is showing how we drain ourselves with the data we collect on our own and how we drain our devices of our techno world with that very data.  

Outside of what we end up sharing with the world, we don't have such a choice anymore. Our lives are always somewhat public. With technology advancing we have social media platforms that sell our data. So no matter how private we may think something is, we are actually being "watch" as some would say. Not to long ago, Facebook actually had to go to court due to the factors of people data being sold and mined. That means the fact you loved someone photo of their babies dress, that was recorded and mined for better understanding on WHAT to sell you and advertise to you in the coming weeks. 

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