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Earlier we touched on the fact we have to watch our backs online from cat fishing, but what else should we be keeping an eye out for with technology advancing? There has been plenty of talk of microchipping people these days and I honestly don't think it is a REAL fear. That being said, our phones already are trackers, which means if someone wanted to track you and "hunt" you for some reason, it could happen. The safety of many people are put at risk daily because of how much technology has grown. We have more online sex trafficking's than ever before, we have people having their phones tagged for them to get kidnapped. It is kind of scary when you realize your daily safety is actually put at risk just because of how well our technology has grown. With that being said, we do also have the upside to that safety. We are having more people found from missing persons reports because of more cameras, more tracking and more data being recorded than ever. These are all good upsides to that growth, but it doesn't change that scary side of it. You still must be careful. 

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