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What should we expect from time? We know as we get older, it seems to go by faster. But some studies actually show that we as human have been consumed by our techno world and that is actually making time harder to understand and manage. How many times have you been working on a project or watching TV and you end up going from mid-day to 11PM at night? There is a reason behind this. The stimuli of blue light, which is within all of our screens, actually causes our brains to go on auto pilot. With that, we get consumed by the world within our screens during that time period.

NOW. This isn't exactly the only thing we have to think about when it comes to how time has changed with technology. The time it takes for news to get to everyone, the time it takes to share a new job or someone getting engaged has changed drastically as well. We share information so easily now. We wonder why we are hearing more about shootings, politics from different areas of the US, and of course racism as a whole more than we did ten years ago. Well, it has always been there, we just didn't have direct access to a constant feed. We also should consider the fact how memories in time are saved now is so different. It'll be so much easier for us to look up history, photos and videos to show our kids and grandkids than ever before. Some would say this a drastic benefit of our advancing techno world. 

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