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It's For "Everyone"


Through this project I have gone back to this image and added in and deleted out a few things. I wanted to stick with my fashion theme for these projects, but I wasn't exactly sure how to make something into propaganda at first. Above you see that "Just Do It" has been changed to "Just Sew It". This is of course inspired by the child labor Nike has been involved in. I had briefly heard about it, but had no idea that it was so proven and is still something they do today. My research opened my eyes.

"Just Sew It" is inspired by the same slogan we all know and love, "Just Do It". The idea behind "Giving Everyone Jobs" is that this piece of propaganda is Nike wanting to make their truth good. Giving us all the idea that they are helping these children by giving them jobs. By Nike still using child labor it is basically what they are saying. This is just calling them on it and also trying to make it look "acceptable"

I wanted to design the elements like a Nike ad that you actually might see. Normally if they have something else typed out with their original slogan, it is under the logo. I also wanted to add in a visual piece to it. A lot of propaganda is carried out through photographs alone. I know a lot of ways "Fake News" has spread is because of photoshop, video editing and of course word of mouth. In this design, I wanted to have a happy child, sewing away to instill the idea that "it is helping them". I tried to find the closest font to original "Just Do It" logo and matched it with spacing as well as I could with photoshop.

Overall, my focus was to bring attention to the fact we all still buy Nike without thinking about the fact the do employee children to make some of their cloths and shoes. It's almost like we are okay with it, so why not display that in an ad? Obviously we aren't okay with it, but if Nike did set an ad like this out, we would have some people who would believe that they are employing EVERYONE. They aren't age basis. If anything the last 4 to 5 years have taught me, anything is possible. I hope you enjoyed!

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