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Propaganda Part One

I seem to have a thing for the fashion industry when it comes to thinking about slogans. You'd think someone would want to think about maybe a political slogan after the last four years we have had, but I always fall back to my fashion and clothing industry! I had thought of a few but two stuck out. "Just Do It" by Nike and "The Only Way is Through" by Under Armour. I wanted to go with "Just Do It" because I personally have worn and bought Nike plenty of time and have heard things about them in the past that leave me questioning my decision of supporting them. Nike works with children's clothing, athletes and just normal adults as well. Meanwhile, we don't always think about why they say "Just Do It". As someone who is big on working out, I feel as this comes from the idea that in order to grow strength and see results you have to just do it. I feel like their team went, "well what do most trainers tell their trainees?" and someone went , "to just do it" and there we had it, the award winning slogan! Please note, I have no idea if this is award winning. BUT. It is something people remember. It was one of the first ones I thought of. It has made it clear that they make their product for people to have those moments, "I'm just going to do it!".

My next post will have some of research in where it came from and more on the background of the slogan.

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