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Historic Teletubbies?

- So you are most likely wondering why did I do this to these two historic images! Besides the fact I wanted to choose black and white images that deal with a big moment in history, I also wanted to choose something that wouldn't make any sense to be involved to add in. Teletubbies for me were always creepy in the sense I felt as if they were some what evil. I am not a fan of Teletubbies, but having them inserted in these two images sure made my day. The Eiffel Tower Tubby was created with the idea of recreating the King Kong image but with a different landmark and a different "monster". The Teletubby Show at the Berlin Wall was created because I wanted to hopefully change the meaning of the photo chosen. In the end, it still ended up fairly creepy!

- All these images were found on google search. I didn't get a chance to take them considering most of the original images were taken before I was born. The Eiffel Tower images was searched with a restriction for only large images for quality and same with the berlin wall image. The two separate Teletubby images were both found on google the same with the large image restriction.

- Both of the original images below had different meanings prior to my recreation. The Eiffel tower was a symbol of progress, hope and beauty. Meanwhile the Berlin Wall image shows the sadness and the terrible things these children mostly likely went through during that time. Placing the Teletubby on the Eiffel Tower suddenly creates a dramatic effect that reminds you of the movies with monsters taking over buildings by climbing up the sides. It also creates a little humor with that idea of a Teletubby being a monster when it was a kids show. If anything I wanted to show my view of the "scary" Teletubby that I've always seen. In my mind, they were just as bad as King Kong. Now with the Berlin Wall image, I wanted to show more of that child like return to the Teletubbies. Having the children running towards them with open arms. Cause at the end of the day, those are still just children. Children stuck in between an adult war over things they don't yet understand. If anything, at their age, they should be worrying about if they are scared of the Teletubbies, not what is going on around them.

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